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13th May 2012

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For Mothers’ Day, I made my mom and my grandma these flower arrangements.

For the past few years I have folded origami lilies and attached pipe cleaners as stems and given them as Mothers’ Day gifts. This year, I made several different sizes and designs of origami flowers.

I had a box of “lollipop flowers” that I had made earlier in the year. I glued paper petals onto lollipops and other hard, wrapped candies and attached wooden skewers to the backs of those flowers made from stickless candies. For my bouquets, I just taped skewers to the lollipop sticks to lengthen them so they would stand up.

Then I divided all the flowers (both origami and candy centred) in two clean, glass jars. I tied the stems together to made tidier bunches.

The “potting material” packed into the jars to keep the flowers upright and balanced is leftover “leprechaun gold” (butterscotch candies with shamrock stickers on the wrappers) from my St. Patrick’s Day party and Lindt mini easter eggs (Dark chocolate for Mom, milk chocolate for Grandma).

Since I had almost everything already, I bought less than $5 for materials purchased especially for this gift. Most of what I put into it was time, thought and effort. They said on the news the other day that the average person spends $75 on Mothers’ Day gifts! I don’t see why. All it takes is a little creativity to give a gift that says: “Mom, you did a great job raising me to be thoughtful, loving and sensiable. Here’s a little something to show you I love you.” Wouldn’t most moms rather know that their kid isn’t a fool when it comes to money than get a fancy, expensive gift?

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